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Naga City Locale Hosts Gibeon Area Fellowship

July 1: The brethren of Bicol Region were blessed that they were given the freedom to unite and worship God in spirit and in truth in Naga City during the PMCC 4th Watch Gibeon Area Fellowship. “Freedom through Apostolic Doctrine” was the theme for the gathering.

The Gibeon Area Coordinator, Pastor Edgar Sumatra, was the speaker of the seminar while the guest speaker, Pastor Dan Perez of Shiloh Area led the meditation of God’s Words in the Divine Worship.

The worship hall could no longer suffice the space for the people who attended the fellowship. Also, the remaining floors of the venue were installed with televisions and sound system to compensate the need of other attendees to hear the sermon.

After the worship, the Youth Fellowship was held headed by the National Young Watchers Department Adviser, Pastor Dan together with the National Youth Officers, preceded the program and the activities of the fellowship. (A. Javier)