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District Camp ’12 Unites Western Pacific Locale Churches Followed by a Grand Worship

Global Evangelization is the last advocacy that the Church was implementing through Personal Evangelism. Furthermore to remind the brethren the significance of evangelism as their responsibility, Camp is held in different places all over the world. Just this June 26 -29, the PMCC 4th Watch Western Pacific District experienced the spirit-filled Camp that was held in Camp Erdman located in North shore of Hawaii. Local Churches of Palau, Hawaii, Commonwealth Northern Marianas Island, and Guam were gathered.  

Ptr. Galli Concepcion, Ptr. Susan Saulog,  Ptr. Carter Moses of Guam Locale, Ptr. Dora and Ptr. Peter Ramos of Maui Hawaii were some of the notable speakers who delivered the word of God and also emphasized the theme “Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel Daily” (Acts 5:42) to the Western Pacific campers. They claimed to have been blessed for the Goodman of the House, beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol and his wife Evangelist Leticia Ferriol were able to grace the huge gathering.

The noticeable eagerness of the campers to do God’s will was witnessed even from the first day of camp. The highly lifted spirits of the brethren didn’t cool off as the days passed instead it became more elated than ever.  The daily activities were consisted of devotions, seminars and worships satisfied the spiritual thirst of the campers that led them to more joyous service unto God.

And to give more excitement and thrill to the campers, extra activities like praise and worship, song and dance interpretations, choir competitions and poster making contests, were also held. Another purpose of these activities was to practice unity and sportsmanship. Brethren were likewise inspired by the living testimonies that had shown dedication in serving God despite of different struggles and hardships.

Also a Grand worship was held on July 1, 2012 at the Pikake Ballroom, Neil Blaisdell auditorium, Honolulu, Hawaii. An inspirational message that focused on the theme “Consecrated for Greater Works” (2 Timothy 2:20-21) delivered by Ptr. Let Ferriol, have completely made the brethren decide to dedicate themselves to be utilized by God in evangelizing the gospel as part of the Church in the End Time. (N. Ferriol)