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Japan District Grand Area Fellowship: Truly, A blessing

Marvelous. Wonderful. Remarkable.

These are the words that best described the recently convened Japan District Grand Area Fellowship of the PMCC 4th Watch last July 1 atK?t? ku Sunamachi Culture Center wherein the outpouring of God’s abundant Grace has once more overflowed to His Church as the brethren and visitors alike were jubilantly exalting and magnifying the mighty Name of the Lord.

Guided with the theme “The Consecrated People Win Soul” taken from Romans 10:15, the fellowship has been the way that further equipped the congregation with spiritual knowledge and understanding the last program of the Church in the End-Time.

The worship began with the uplifting praise and worship led by Sister Joy Guerrero and the Tokyo Band. Inspiring and motivating songs of praises were offered unto God by Brother Rob, Pastor Sammy Bagcat and the Tokyo Locale respectively. A friendly environment was established as Pastor Daniel Ferriol, Head Pastor of Kawasaki, warmly greeted the brethren as well as the visitors.

In giving way for each member to be the recipient of God’s blessings by means of giving, Pastor Maya Cruz, Coordinator of Judaea Area, delivered the offertory message. She also introduced the guest speaker of the service right after the video presentation. The District of Japan was blessed to receive the Words of God from the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol.

Strengthening the faith of the assembly, the Apostle further incited and emboldened their fidelity to God.

To make the fellowship more lively and exuberant, a gospel concert was conducted in the afternoon.

Pastor Sam Bagcat, Sister Joy Guerrero and the brethren from Osaka sang sprightly songs of praises respectively for the first part. After a short exhortation from the Apostle, the concert continued to the second part. Brother Rob, Sister Joy and Pastor Sam offered uplifting songs to God. Also, a raffle draw concluded the event for the day.

Yet again, the proof of God’s mighty works were witnessed and experienced by the brethren as well as the visitors of the said event. They left the place once more reinforced and empowered. Glory to God! (P. Manlapig)