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Galilee Area Fellowship ( Youth Month Opening Highlights Celebration)

To bring glory and acclamation unto the Lord, once again, the PMCC 4th Watch Locale Churches that make up Galilee Area were gathered. Galilee Area Fellowship was successfully held at Bulwagan ng mamayan in Santiago City last June 24, 2012. Many brethrens and visitors were blessed as Ptr. Vic Altura was able to show the lucid significance of the theme “True Freedom of Faith through Obedience to Apostolic Teaching” which was taken from Romans 6:17-18.

Truly God has provided plenty of activities in His church for after the huge fellowship, opening of the Youth Month was also held in the afternoon. The National Youth President, Bro Moises Cruz, and the other National youth officers also graced the gathering.  The liveliness of the active youths was witnessed as they sang songs of praises and magnified the name of the Lord. Also their devotion to serve the Lord was proven for many had answered, as Ptr Dan Perez called out for those who wanted to dedicate their lives in testifying the good news.

This gathering once again empowered and renewed the dedications of the brethren from Galilee Area to willingly serve the Lord. Glory to God! (N. Ferriol)