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Canaan Area Fellowship held

The PMCC 4th Watch Dau Locale was blessed for hosting the Canaan Area Fellowship where the locale churches from Pampanga gathered last June 24, 2012. The brethren were stunned for the Dau Locale has the capacity to accommodate such large number of attendance. But still they have been expecting to find another place to hold the next Area Fellowship for a larger number of attendance.

 “God’s People Doing Mighty Exploits” as taken from Daniel 11:32 was the theme that the fellowship focused on. The brethren kept on praising and glorifying the name of the Lord as the fellowship continued. The words of God revealed during the seminars 1 & 2, and worship became the source of strength of the Canaan brethren from Seminar 1 & 2 until Worship. As Pastor Pancho Presentation and Pastor Joel Catamora delivered the word of God in Seminar 1 & 2 respectively, the brethren never ceased praising assuring the speakers that they have understood every word they have heard.

Furthermore, San Fernando Locale rendered a song of praise unto the Lord also to remain the solemnity and in the presence of the Holy Spirit. The spirits of the brethren were more enriched by the word of God delivered by the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol in the worship proper. The brethren were truly blessed and forged to do more mighty exploits as one of the responsibilities of thepeople of God. (N. Ferriol)