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Los Angeles marks 1st Church Anniversary

Another year, another locale church was firmly established. As a commemoration to its initial year of establishing, the PMCC 4th Watch Locale Church of Los Angeles held its 1st Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service which filled The One Banquet Hall in Korea Town in Downtown Los Angeles City with brethren and visitors last June.

A call to worship started the event. Highest exaltation and acclamation were lifted unto God as the praise and worship begins. Welcome remarks and greetings were warmly given by Bro. Gerald Gonzales, Head Pastor of Los Angeles Locale. He emphasized the thought that the church in Los Angeles maybe limited in many aspects and maybe weak because of the number and limitations. But there's one thing to hold on to- the FAITH and BELIEF in God and in what He can do. It’s true that God is a Big God and a Great God. Even though limited and weak, believers can still surpass it because of the greatness of God and the abundance of His grace.

After the scripture reading, a video presentation was showed entitled "A Moment in Church History" showcasing briefly the story of the foundation in Los Angeles Locale beginning from pioneering work of Evangelist Let Ferriol in USA and her vision in opening a church in Los Angeles upto the present time.Now, by the grace of God, the church is continuously being stabilized.

A dance interpretation number from the LA Youthwas performed before the Giving of recognition to the former members of Los Angeles Flock during the early years of services in LA, former Flock Leaders of Los Angeles, brethren who took part in the pioneering work in LA such as those people who helped in the evangelistic crusades in parks in LA, as well with the evangelistic team in LA during its pioneering stage and on its way to its first year, and most especially recognition to the leadership of Pastor Jonathan and Pastor Maritess Ferriol in leading the pioneering work in LA until the church is inaugurated last February 2011. Child dedication immediately followed.

In preparing the hearts and minds of the brethren and visitors, a special song number from PMCC Los Angeles Choir was offered to God.  Though the theme was “Completing the Good Works Began until Christ Comes” taken from Philippians 1:6Pastor Jonathan Ferriol, Mizpah Area Coordinator, delivered an evangelistic message, regarding the importance of faith, the need of having faith and having faith in God, the connection of faith with God, and what faith can do to the lives of the believer and to those who will believe.

The church anniversary was concise. Special presentations and the awarding ceremony were presented during the worship. A raffle draw with a grand prize of two New IPads and a number of consolation prizes followed. The celebration was completed with a dinner buffet in a known Chinese Buffet in the border of Los Angeles and Hollywood and all who attended the Church Anniversary worship were there.

Finally, God gave the victory to His people in Los Angeles. No man can boast that the success is because of man's work, because it was clearly seen that it is God who worked amazingly in this event. It is God who made this 1st Church Anniversary successful. (P. Manlapig)