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San Diego Locale Church Commemorates its 19 years of Existence

God’s grace is truly outpouring in His Church for once more His blessings was experienced in the celebration of the PMCC 4th Watch Locale Church of San Diego 19th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service which themed: “Consecrated for Greater Works” taken from 2 Timothy 2:20-21 held atSan Diego house of worshiplast June 10.


As part of the service, a testimony hour was held to further glorify the Name of the Lord for His great works. The testimonies were given by the two new converts and by a seasoned elder.


Right after the Testimony Hour, the dedication and ribbon cutting of the nursery room and playroom followed. The Design Committee and Brother Joseph and Sister Genalyn Concepcion next to Pastor Jonathan Ferriol, and many brethren were present to witness. Pastor Jonathan prayed for the newly designed rooms and cut the ribbon afterwards. After the brief ceremony, the brethren trickled into the nursery room and through the adjoining playroom. They were delighted to see two previously unused and vacant rooms converted into such beautiful facilities for the mothers and children in the church. 


The worship service followed shortly after. The San Diego Praise and Worship Team led the congregation in singing songs that were indeed fitting to the occasion, for that was a day of rejoicing, a day to celebrate His salvation and His marvelous acts in the lives of His people. Brother Joseph Concepcion ministered the Offertory message and Pastor Jonathan Ferriol blessed the San Diegans and the guests with an anointed message from the Lord. His text was Revelation 3:20 and he stressed on God standing and knocking on people’s doors, that is Him creating opportunities wherein He may be served. God is the One opening to people doors of opportunities to serve Him. In His sovereignty, He is the One who determines who may enter through these doors that He is opening. His people did not choose Him, rather He was the One who chose them. No one may come to Him unless He draws him or her to Himself. Therefore, no one who is being called should treat God’s favor and grace in vain. Having been called, therefore, the church must serve with faithfulness and humility before the Lord. 
After the Holy Communion came the giving of Thanksgiving Offering. The brethren streamed into the front, being guided by the elders and ushers, and gave their sacrifice thanksgiving offerings unto the Lord.


The celebration continued until the evening. Guest singers – a Praise and Worship team from Evangelical Methodist Church of San Diego, a Christian couple met at an evangelism site and the Las Vegas Praise and Worship team – graced the sundown service. San Diego’s very own Glorybound rocked the house with their lively and excellent music. Elation was evident in the brethren’s singing, dancing and jumping. The energy was so infectious that everyone was rejoicing in such a way. Brother Levi Baniaga ministered the Word after all the performances. Members who achieved 10 and 20 years in the faith were recognized by receiving a plaque. Members who showed exceptional service were also acknowledged. Acknowledgment speech by Brother Joseph and Sister Gen followed after the drawing of the raffle tickets. They thanked first of all God for His goodness, and the brethren for their respective efforts and contributions for the anniversary. They then led the evening toast and closed the service with a prayer. There was a very visible joy and happiness among the brethren.

Now the brethren are preparing for Summer of Harvest focusing on increasing their attendance by means of ratcheting up their evangelistic and discipleship efforts. (P. Manlapig