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12th Madrid Locale Church Anniversary: A Showcase of God’s Blessings

 The congruity of the PMCC 4th Watch Madrid brethren to extol the name of the Lord last June 10,2012 was witnessed in their 12th Locale Church Anniversary held in Jardin Metropolitan Hotel ( Av. Reina Victoria 12, 18039 Madrid España). The theme “United towards the advancement of the gospel” which was taken from Philippians 1:5, was completely materialized by the brethren’s disposition for having an over goal attendance of 220 people, including the important personalities and visitors from different Filipino associations in Madrid and also some head officers from embassy.

The most awaited launching of the Euro Endtime Vision, a Christian album and compilation of original compositions of brethren in Europe especially young people, highlighted the afternoon service. Truly, God has poured abundant talents in His church for this remarkable compositions were actually capable of moving one’s heart and soul to worship the name of the Lord. Also, there were dance numbers from adult, youth and cadets departments. A short and symbolical theatrical play, entitled ‘My Beloved’ caught the attention of the brethren. The play referred to the Church as the bride of Christ.

And once again, the moving of the Holy Spirit in the midst of the congregation was experienced after the powerful message of Evangelist Leticia Ferriol about evangelism, challenging all brethren to do more of Personal Evangelism Program. As a result, many souls were saved by accepting Christ and have been baptized.

In totality, the anniversary celebration was a huge success and once again empowered the spirits of Madrid brethren to do more of God’s work together. To God be the glory! (N. Ferriol)