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Cana Area Fellowship

 God has once again poured His abundant blessings as the Annual Fellowship of the PMCC 4th Watch Cana Area was propitiouslyheld last June 3 which was themed, ” The People of God's doing mighty exploits” taken from Daniel 11:32. Brethren and visitors from Bayugan City, Butuan City, Cabadbaran City, Cantilan, San Francisco and Surigao City gathered at the locale Church of Butuan to exalt and magnify the mighty Name of the Lord.

The fellowship started with the Sunday school delivered by International Evangelist Leticia Ferriol. Invigorated and enlivened, the attendees had a jump-start before which prepared them for the worship.

After a short while, Pastor Ricky Lim, Cana Area coordinator, welcomed the brethren with warm greetings and the offertory message was brought by Pastor Emmanuel Sedano.

The prepared hearts and minds of the brethren were again filled with the empowering Words of God ministered by Evangelist Leticia Ferriol.

 Yet again the attendees were strengthened by the inspiring messages of the said event which reinforced the spirits of the brethren, praising and glorifying the Name of the Lord. (P. Manlapig)