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Mindanao Local Churches Hold Successful Camp

 Brethren of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ in the (4th Watch) in Mindanao held a successful spiritual camp last April 25 to 29, in Upper Doongan, Butuan City. The favor of God was evident in the yearly Mindanao spiritual camp as the brethren experienced the blessings from the words of God delivered by His Sent-One.

Day 1: Motorcade And Opening Service  

The brethren Area opened the camp with a  parade around downtown Butuan City before starting with the Opening Service around 5 in the afternoon. Bishop Resting Zonio, who was accompanied by his wife Pastor Neng Zonio, was the speaker during the service.

Day 2: Literary Games

During the morning of the second day, brethren started off with the early morning devotion followed by Seminars and the Worship Service. They were continually blessed during their prayer and while listening to the words of God. In the afternoon, a whole bevy of Literary Games were held, like Preaching Contests – wherein even the cadets were included –Bible Quiz and Know the Word. A basketball game to foster continued camaraderie were also held in a nearby court.

Day 3: Crusade Night with The Sent One

The third day was special because the camp was graced with the presence of the Sent-One of God, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol who spoke during the evening Worship Service in a Crusade in the center of the city. The campers, who were composed of brethren from Moriah, Genessareth, Cana, Efeso, and Collosas Areas were completely blessed.

 Day 4: Dedication Night

The fourth day continued to be a blessing to the brethren as the camp moved forward. Even the little ones, the Cadets, had their own service inside the camp, separate from the combined Youth and the Adults. In fact, with the sheer number of people, it was impossible to fit all of them inside the hall. Some had to be content to sit on the outside. 

With this much blessings, the Dedication Night was very successful. Held in the evening of the fourth day, many answered the call to enter the ministry and to help out in their own local churches.

Day 5: Sunday Worship

On the fifth day, which was a Sunday, a Worship Service was held with Pastor Rex Garcia teaching the Sunday School and the Apostle giving the message during the Worship Service. The Sent One told the brethren that if you belong to the Church, you belong to God. With their hearts full of the words of God, the brethren went home in the afternoon eager to serve God more.