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Cadets Camp 2012

Once again, the grounds of the AATF Sports Complex were filled up with the participants as they united to take part in the Cadets Camp 2012 last April 23-25. Little children and young teens, coming from different locale churches around Luzon, stayed up for three days at Malagasang, Imus, Cavite to enjoy and be empowered by the words of God.

 Focusing on the theme, “Vessels for God’s Glory” (Matthew 21:16), the first day of the Camp was packaged with series of activities such as the orientation, seminar, worship, contests, and workshops. The Stage Musical Competition highlighted the first night wherein parents of these young children travelled from their own respective places just to see their kids perform on stage.

The next day was another day of challenge for every cadet camper for they have prepared things just by themselves without the presence of any guardians. However, despite the fact that should attend the service independently, the joy and excitements can be seen in the faces of the campers because of the guidance given to them by their respective Dorm Counselors (DCs). The Flag Worship Contest was also featured on the same night.

 The children were taught by God’s words in seminars and worship. They were able to acquire new ideas in every workshop and team building activity specifically designed to develop not just their spiritual knowledge but also their self-confidence. On the last day of the event, these young kids were able to come before the Lord and dedicate their lives to God through prayer—a manifestation that God is mightily working even to the younger generation of His church.

The Cadets Camp 2012 also highlighted different literary event like Preaching Contest, Bible Drill, Spelling Contest, Shower of Verses and Bible Quiz, where different locale churches representatives excelled in each field. Truly, the success of this event was an expression that in His church, every 4th Watcher is a bible student. Through life dedication and crying out loudly in prayer, the Lord has once again showered His blessings to every Cadets Camper during this event — the Summer Cadets Camp 2012.