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Adult Camp 2012: Spiritual Preparation

Following the successful Youth Camp a week before, the adult brethren also experienced spiritual renewal and preparation during their own five-day event, the Adult Camp 2012. Likewise themed “Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel Daily” (Acts 5:42), the event reminded the adult campers of their own part in the Great Commission. And like the young ones before them, the adults in the Church also renewed their dedication.

Time for Spiritual Refreshing

The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch)’s yearly events have always been a time for brethren to refresh and recharge themselves spiritually and 2012’s Adult Camp was no exception. Immersed in prayers and the Words of God, each adult felt spiritually refreshed and understood the need to dedicate themselves to spreading God’s love to every person.

Powerful Messages

God’s words and His message to His Church also continued to bless the adults and to strengthen each one’s resolve to help bring the Gospel to the whole world. Led by the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, and the church bishops, speakers from different parts of the country and the world expounded on the camp’s theme, urging each to do his or her part to their fullest. Through these powerful messages, campers received a clearer picture of the great task at hand and each one’s role in this great mission.

Memorable Experiences

The Adult Camp also proved to be enjoyable in different aspects as well. From photography contests to preaching contests, there were a lot of other things to keep campers occupied during the five-day activity. These fun activities also gave the campers a chance to bond with each other and to share in the joy of serving the Lord. The different talents and gifts were likewise given focus as each local church’s representative sought to give glory to God by vying for the top spot in each contest. At the end of the day, it was each one’s desire to develop their talents and to give glory to God which took center stage.

Group Effort

Not to be left behind by the young people, adult watchers of all ages from the different areas in the Philippines likewise presented their mass demonstrations to the delight of the campers and to the glory of God. Areas from Categories A, B, and C gave very colorful and energetic presentations. Obviously, the adult brethren have shown that when it comes to giving glory to God, you can be very active despite your years. Nothing is really impossible to God.

Victorious Event

As the last and fifth day of this year’s camp came to a close, the adult brethren left the AATF Sport Complex with renewed joy and a deeper understanding of the great mission that lay ahead for the Church. Each one needed to be a part of the mission to bring the Word of God to all the world – it was something that each one will meditate upon when they get home to their respective local churches.