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Giving Thanks for God’s Great Love – Auckland’s 1st Church Anniversary

The first steps of our faith must be cherished. As we look back to the humble beginnings of our faith, we can see how great God’s is love for us.

In remembrance of experiencing God’s affection, the local church of Auckland, New Zealand held its first Thanksgiving Service last February 19. The event was themed, “Giving Thanks for the Great Love and Goodness of God” (Psalm 100:4-5). Brethren and visitors from different races gathered at Onehunga Bowling Club Hall, Onehunga, Auckland, to worship God in His greatness.

The divine worship started with the congregation singing headed by the New Zealand praise & worship team. Pastor Sol Wilson from Wellington locale led the opening prayer. Selected brethren were given a chance to testify God’s goodness in their lives. The minister of Auckland locale, Pastor Noli Campos, greeted the congregation and introduced the guest speakers for that day. The participants were honored to hear the Word of God from two exceptional women of faith – Pastor Virgie Zata (Area Coordinator of Achaiah), and Evangelist Let Ferriol – who were definitely proven instruments of God in spreading the true Gospel in many nations. They ministered the offertory message and the main message respectively.

A Gospel concert was the day's succeeding event. The New Zealand praise & worship team and the Philippine Christian Group performed songs of praise unto God. The Wellington Cadets added a dance number to the concert. A video presentation was also shown documenting the early beginnings of the local church of Auckland. The Auckland brethren performed the concert's finale which is entitled “Go Light Your World.” Carrying candle lights, they dramatized the meaning of the song. It is the role of every Christian: to be a light of the darkened world.

The brethren cherished their experience and looked forward to a bright future as God continues to bless the locale as the years go by.