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Grand Evangelistic Crusade Draws Massive Attendance

Hundreds of thousands of brethren and guests gathered in Rizal Park on February 5, 2012 for the Missionary Day and Grand Evangelistic Crusade of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch).

The grounds facing the Quirino Grandstand once more overflowed with praises as the those gathered took part in the praise and worship at the start of the program. Various gospel musical numbers were performed by two guest performers as well as choir members from different chapters of the church. Bishop Osinando Quillao delivered the offertory message and explained the scriptural basis for giving.

The gathering was also used as an opportunity to show the growth experienced by the church. Video clips of the diverse ministries in the church such as the construction of new houses of worship, the different schools providing Christian education, and social outreach, among others were shown. A couple of testimonies about God’s healing and blessings were also shown.

Surer Word of Prophecy

During the message, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol provided a scriptural and historical discussion regarding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Apostle Ferriol once more proved that the PMCC 4th Watch received the surer word of prophecy. With the imminence of Christ's coming, Apostle Ferriol reminded everyone to double their effort in bringing the Gospel to all the nations. After his message, Apostle Ferriol invited the guests to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and he also prayed for the healing of those afflicted with various sickness. Moved by the message they recently heard, many guests and visitors accepted Christ and received salvation.

‘Believe My Works’

A number of leaders in politics and the evangelical community were also present to offer their greetings to the PMCC 4th Watch in the successful staging of the event. They noticed the large turnout of people in the event, which proof of the church's continuing growth. The sustained effort in evangelism continues to bear fruit. There is an increasing number of ministers who have fully dedicated their lives to the ministry of the word and prayer.

As the brethren dispersed after the event, they left the venue armed with a renewed strength and dedication. They carried with them a commitment to more actively participate in the evangelistic program of the church.

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by Philip Miciano and Acie Javier

Photo Credits: Jim Colico, Angelito Garcia, Ian Rubonal, Ynan Paz