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1st KSA Camp

The 1st KSA camp is God's abundant grace to the local churches situated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many years back, the holding of this event was thought to be impossible. By the grace of God, He made this very 1st KSA camp a reality.

With the theme "Empowered Life for Effective Evangelism" taken from Acts 1:8, the brethren from the local churches of Jeddah, Al Khobar, Damman, Jubail, Al Kharj, and Riyadh gathered together last January 24 to be a part of this momentous event.


Their hearts were filled with joy as the brethren sang their hearts out during the praise & worship. Selected youth from the KSA Central Region led the congregation. The audience were inspired upon hearing the powerful Word of God delivered by the Middle East Coordinator, Pastor Aldrin Palanca. In his message, he stressed the importance of having an empowered life for an effective evangelism.


God's blessings continued on the second day of the 1st KSA Camp. Service after service, the brethren were empowered by the messages preached. From the morning devotion to the 1st Seminar delivered by Pastor Aldrin, the brethren were challenged to live an empowered life and to incorporate evangelism in their lives.

On the second seminar, Pastor Dick Montemayor shared the "Requirements for Effective Evangelism.” He ended the seminar with a compelling call to the brethren to make this 1st KSA Camp a chance to decide for Christ and be used for evangelism. Afterwards, Pastor Aldrin encouraged the congregation during the divine worship to earnestly yearn for the Holy Spirit to be empowered and be able to effectively evangelize.

The Inter-KSA Sports Fest 2012 is another first in Gilead Area and was greatly enjoyed by all. From the team parade to the elimination rounds of various games, the participants had a great time and bonded with their fellow believers. The players gave their best effort in the team competition and the various games such as tug of war, table tennis, arm wrestling, sack relay, dart, chess, and scrabble.


The day once again started with the early morning devotion. After the breakfast fellowship, Seminar 1 started. The message of Pastor Dick was clear and explained the ways to be Spirit-filled. Seminar 2 of Pastor Aldrin centered on being a follower of Christ; he urged the brethren to be Christ-like. He also pondered on imitating the life of the apostles and their disciples. He also talked about the importance of being equipped with the doctrine to be able to stand firm in faith.

The message in the worship service focused on the reasons why there is a need to be in harmony with the sent ones of God in doing evangelism. After the message, there was a call made to those intending to enter the Pre-MBS program. Everyone was also encouraged to dedicate their lives to the Personal Evangelism Program of the Church. As expected, many responded to the call. In the afternoon, the championship round of the sports fest continued. At the same time, the literary contests like preaching contest, Know the Word and Bible Quiz were held.

Empowered. Spirit-filled. Equipped. Obedient. Christ-like. The 1st KSA Camp was without a doubt sanctified by God. To God be the glory!