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PMCC (4th Watch) Holds Successful 22nd International Convention

The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch), headed by the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, filled the grounds in front of the historic Quirino Grandstand in Luneta with worshippers as the church held the successful closing ceremony of the 22nd International Convention last November 20.

Heeding the call of God’s Sent One, hundreds of thousands of church members attended the said event. It came as no surprise that 4th Watchers, young and old alike, quickly filled the venue to worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness.

The event started with the entrance of the Philippine flag and the church flag, followed by the different flags of countries where foreign chapters are established. This was followed by the entrance of the more than a thousand PMCC (4th Watch) ministers throughout the world, and their area coordinators. This was immediately followed by the introduction of the bishops. Finally, the Goodman of the House, along with his wife, Evangelist Let Ferriol, was introduced.

"Blessed Worship"

During the worship proper, Bishop Domingo Ferriol led the congregation in prayer. The brethren were later be blessed when Bishop Osinando Quillao delivered the offertory message. Bishop Arturo Ferriol then introduced the keynote speaker, the Sent One of God.

During the worship message, the Goodman of the House stressed once more his God-given authority to preach the gospel not only to the church, but throughout the world. The Apostle received surer words of prophecy and the brethren were strengthened by the teachings that His Sent One spoke. Indeed, the brethren were once more reminded that each one was extremely blessed to be a part of the Church and a part of God’s marvelous plan.

"Quality and Quantity"

With the closing event streamed live through the internet, the whole world once more is able to witness the growth that the church has experienced through God’s immense grace – growth both in quality and quantity.

Quality can be seen not only in the venue and facilities that the church used on the 22nd International Convention, but in the type of worship being given to God. This year, the 2000-Voice Choir, the Highest Praise Chorale, Dokimos Christian Band, and the PMCC Orchestra once more delivered songs of praise to God. The venue was also well-prepared to provide the brethren with a comfortable place where they can worship God.

Quantity, of course, was seen in the number of brethren that came to attend the worship service. While the venue was large and ample seats were provided, it seems nothing can really contain God’s mighty work because the PMCC (4th Watch) has once more filled another large venue.

This blessed event capped the weeklong international gathering of the Church, which started on November 13, 2011, at the AATF Sports Complex in Malagasang, Cavite. As another international gathering ended, domestic and international delegates were prepared for another year of service to God.