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A Successful Foundation Day of Muñoz Local Church

September 25 was a memorable day for the Muñoz, Quezon City brethren as they commemorated the foundation day of their local church. The Muñoz, QC head, Pastor Jaime Garabillo, was glad with the high turnout of the worshipers. The attendance exceeded 700 worshipers. The congregation was accommodated in the newly-designed worship hall, following the advice of Apostle Arsenio Ferriol to change the location of the stage. The congregation was grateful to have Pastor Rene Fremista of Makati locale as their guest speaker. The preaching of God’s Word resulted in the acceptance of many souls of Christ as their Savior.

The next event was the evening presentation themed, “Rock of Ages”. It is a competition of the bands performing songs for the Lord. The participants were Hosanna (champion), Beginners (1st runner-up), Chronicles (2nd runner-up), and Tears of Jeremiah (3rd runner-up). The participation of Pastor Sammy Bagcat, vocalist of the Pillars Band, as one of the judges was greatly appreciated by the bands and brethren. His constructive remarks and encouragement regarding the bands’ performances were of great of help in improving and nurturing their music ministry. After the contest, Pastor Bonnie Quillao preached the Word of God.