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Doctrinal and Spiritual Empowerment Satisfied the Souls of Marikina Brethren

The Doctrinal and Spiritual Empowerment of the Marikina Locale definitely served its purpose as it prepared the brethren to the coming big events of the Church – the Church Anniversary, Conferences and International Convention. It deepen their roots in service and strengthened their faith.

This 4-day occasion, started on September 13 to 16, was composed of seminars about the essential doctrines inside the church, and worship services. The renowned ministers were invited to speak the infallible doctrines given by God. The Area Coordinator of Antioch Area, Bishop Rustico Zonio discussed all about Jesus Christ. He answered frequently asked questions regarding the humanity and deity of Jesus Christ. The name of the Church in the End-Time was the topic given light by Bishop Domingo Ferriol of Peniel Area. On the third night, the Bethel Area’s Coordinator, Bishop Art Ferriol, lectured concerning the intermediate state of man. Bishop Osie Quillao of Jerusalem Area gave enlightenment to the attendees through the scriptures the truth of God versus the false teachings of cults.

Songs and praises unto the Lord filled the sanctuary at the start of every worship services. Special numbers from Marikina locale’s 10 areas, Marikina Symphony of Praise and Highest Praise Chorale brought praises and joy to the brethren. Video presentations testifying the wonderful works of God were shown in the middle of every service. Messages were brought by the Bishops, and the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, based on the topic, “Fulfilling the Apostolic Vision for the End-Time Harvest (John 4:35)”.

Truly the brethren of Marikina were empowered by God through the Doctrinal and Spiritual Empowerment. God is really gracious from that moment, since not only edification was experienced by the believers, but also salvation for the visitors.