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Zion Area Fellowship – 3rd Time for 2011

Once again, the Zion Area joined together to worship God in their third Area Fellowship this year. The PMCC Building at Marikina served as the venue of the event. Brethren and visitors filled every floor of the nine-storey building. The fellowship’s theme was “Deepening Our Roots in Christian Life”, based on Colossians 2:7. Brethren of Zion Area were blessed to hear once again the messages of the beloved Evangelist Let Ferriol and the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol during the Sunday School and the Divine Worship, respectively.

During the worship service, Pastor Polly Mendoza, Zion Area Coordinator, welcomed and greeted all of the attendees of the fellowship. On the offertory, Pastor Lito dela Torre discussed the importance of authority in supervising the tithes and offering of the Church.

During the prayer before the sermon, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol taught the congregation about the Pastoral Prayer, and how a Christian should look upon the Lord in prayer. In his message, he testified the works of God he experienced while he was at the overseas. He also conferred about the 70 Weeks of Daniel and the blessed hope of the Church – the Second Coming of Christ. By God’s grace, many visitors were saved that day.

The night after, NCLC students presented their talents as their testimony of God’s blessing to them.The fellowship yet again deepened the roots of everyone in their Christian life. May the Lord continues to bless the Church more and more until the day of His return.