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Triple Celebrations in the Land of the Rising Sun

Hamura, Japan Locale Turns 20

The local church of Hamura, which is previously known as Fussa, marked its 20th anniversary last September 4. Hamura is a city situated on the the capital of Tokyo. They celebrated this special event at the Sylvan Hall in Forest Inn Showakan Hotel. The locale's head, Celso Rosas, was glad that they are celebrating two decades of service to the Lord. They have sourced from Hebrews 11:4 the theme for this year's anniversary, which is “Abundant Thanksgiving of the Faithful and the Righteous.” Pastor Jojo Cruz was present and served as the speaker.

Part of the program was the child dedication. Similar to what is practiced in the Bible, the parents brought their children to be dedicated and receive God's blessings as well. The brethren also put their musical talent into use in the musical competiton involving the interpretation of the song, How Great Is Our God.

Nagoya, Japan Marks a Decade of Service

The locale of Nagoya, Japan celebrated its 10th anniversary with a Thanksgiving Service on September 4, 2011. The anniversary coincided with a typhoon but it was not enough to dampen the spirits of the Nagoya brethren. More than 100 people braved the rain and came to attend the worship service in the House of Worship in Nagoya. The head pastor Filart Barrera presided over the Sunday School and the Worship service. The encouraging theme, “Affirming Spiritual Growth with Abundant Thanksgiving” (Colossians 2:7) was the focal point of his message.

More activities followed in the afternoon. The brethren took part in a parade. There was also a concert with performances by the Nagoya Band, as well as selected Nagoya and Toki Gifu brethren. There was also a recognition of the brethren who have rendered 5-10 years of service. The locale was able to secure the support of sponsors in holding the related events. The anniversary will also be featured in the issue of a Japanese magazine.

Tokyo Locale Celebrates Anniversary

The local church in Tokyo celebrated another year of existence with a Thanksgiving Service held in the Kameido Building last September 4. Pastor Vic Fuerte was the guest speaker in the locale headed by Pastor Jojo Cruz. The congregation was a mix of Filipinos and foreigners. The day was capped by an evangelistic service featuring the film, “Bagong Liwanag.” The film carries the message of a life transformed and changed for the better.