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China Locale Marks 3rd Anniversary

The Bostan Hotel in Guangzhou was the destination of the brethren in this part of China on September 4, 2011. It was a highly-anticipated event, marking their 3rd anniversary. There was a joyous atmosphere in the hotel's lobby as many of those attending exchanged greetings while waiting for the elevator trip to the 16th floor. The brethren welcomed the event's guest, Pastor Emil Reyes, who delivered the message in the Sunday School and Worship service. He encouraged them to live for Christ in the End-Time. This is in line with the theme lifted from Philippians 1:21.

The other local churches helped in making the evening event a success. The area coordinator, Ptr. Rey Rivera, and Macau locale's Liza Bregania took part in the program. The Hong Kong Reflection Choir was also present to lead the praise and worship. There were various musical numbers ranging from a jazz-inspired rendition of 'The Prayer' to interpretative dance by the Reflection Dancers.