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Canada District Camp 2011

The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Canada District held its spiritual summer Camp from August 1 - 5, 2011 at the Huyck's Bay Christian Centre in Hillier, Ontario. "Responding to the Global Evangelistic Challenges" was the theme for this year's camp which was taken from Matthew 9:35-38.

The blessed first service of this year's camp was a successful one which proved to be a good starting point for the one-week gathering. When the brethren sang their praise to God, they were at their feet and rousing voices echoed in the place. After which, testimonies from brethren who had experienced God's mighty works in their lives and songs of praise were heard throughout the program.

The message of God was administered by the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, which affirmed the success of that great event.

Day One

The next day started with everyone in prayer during the Devotion with Sis. Noemi Mina, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, as the speaker. Later on, Bro. Joseph Concepcion, of San Diego, California Locale led the seminar in the morning. He tackled the topic Discipleship: God's Purpose in Evangelism.

The worship service followed shortly after the first seminar. Our beloved Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol delivered the message of God's word.

The first part of the literary contest was held in the afternoon. Participants squeezed their brain and pushed their knowledge about questions in the Bible Quiz and the Spelling Contest.

The Toronto Praise and Worship team led the campers during the Praise and Worship Night. It was a whole night of singing glory to the Lord. The message of the Apostle capped the evening's program further elaborated the theme of the camp.

Day Two

After a good night sleep, the campers went back for the devotion in the second day of the camp. Ptr. Nelia Hechanova from Vallejo, California brought the devotional message which tackled about the importance of prayer in accomplishing tasks for God.

With the topic Prayer and Personal Soul Winning, the Canada District Coordinator Ptr. Isabel Obsanga clearly expounded the relationship of prayer and evangelism.

Once again the message of God was administered by the Apostle during the worship service. He motivated the brethren to be actively involved in the great evangelistic tasks of the church.

In the afternoon, the exciting literary contests continued. Know the Word and Preaching Contest were the scheduled activities on that day.

The Talent’s Night was a manifestation of how God has bestowed abundant gifts and talents to His church. The night started with a bang as the Winnipeg and Toronto youth band rocked the venue with a lively song rendition. All throughout the program the name of the Lord was lifted up through the songs, praise dances and special numbers that the brethren. In his message, the Apostle furthermore encouraged everyone to be involved on the evangelistic program of the church.

Day Three

Ptr. Jocelyn Medina, the local pastor of Ottawa, was the speaker on the devotion. She discussed the relation of prayer to the success of our evangelistic pursuit.

The seminar in the morning was delivered by Ptr. Jonathan Ferriol, the US District Coordinator and head pastor of South Bay, California. He presented and elaborated a well-detailed topic about the Church's modern evangelistic challenges. In the worship service, Ptr. Jonathan once again took the pulpit and administered the word of God.

The afternoon activity for that day was the Youth's Team Building and the adults Watcher Service with the Apostle.

To give importance to the camp's theme, the evening service was assigned for the Personal Evangelism Program. The highlight for the night was the stage play about the importance of personal evangelism entitled, "The Power of the Gospel". Ptr. Jonathan was the evening's speaker on which he continued and finished his message about the the church's evangelistic challenges in the End-Time.

Day Four

On the last day of the camp, Sis. Genalyn Concepcion tackled the church’s proper responses to evangelism on which prayer is one of the priorities. The seminar's speaker was Bro. Tony Costa, the church worker from Vancouver, BC. His topic was Personal Soul Winning: Mark of the True Pentecostal Church. During the worship, the Apostle he emphasized the need for the whole church to be involved in the PE program.

Back in Toronto, the delegates and brethren gathered for the District Prayer Fellowship. The devotion service started at 5:30 am of August 6th with everyone eagerly awaited for the communing of the Holy Spirit through prayer. Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol administered the devotional message which inspired the brethren to devote more in prayers.

As early as 8:00 am on a misty Saturday, the brethren trooped to the Toronto Locale church to assemble for the motorcade. The heavy rain didn't stopped the caravan of the 4th Watchers as they paraded through the streets in a colorful and extravagant manner. The motorcade also served as a promotion to the upcoming Grand Worship later that day of August 7th.

A great event should have a great conclusion. The success of this year's Canada District Camp ended in a grand fashion. The Grand Worship was held at the Rembrandt Banquet Hall, one of the grandest ballroom in Toronto. The venue was packed with brethren coming from different cities and provinces throughout Canada as well as guests, visitors, and dignitaries from across the Greater Toronto Area numbering from almost a thousand.

The worship started at 3:00 pm with the processional of the partakers. After the call to worship, the Praise and Worship Team of Toronto led the jam-packed congregation in singing of songs and praises to the Lord. The word of God was administered by the Goodman of the House on which he called at the end of his message those who will accept Christ in their lives. The response from among the guests was positive and more than a score accepted the invitation of God. The Apostle even offered a prayer for the sick with everyone raising their hands affirming their faith that they were healed by the Lord.

Over-all the Canada District Camp was a success. God has truly made wonders in coming up with those activities and the results were indeed overwhelming. The victory and the empowerment that the brethren received from God has equipped them in responding to the global evangelistic challenges in the End-Time. (B. Bundalian)