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Youth Camp 2011

Day One

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Bishop Art Ferriol conducted the orientation going over the rules and regulation expected to be followed by the campers. He stressed the importance of the cooperation of each and every one. With the compliance of the campers, this will not only make the work of those in-charge easier but will also result in an experience that will be pleasant and memorable.

After the orientation, the Welcome Night immediately followed. It began with the entrance of the evening program’s partakers, members of the Church Council, Bishops, Evangelist Leticia Ferriol and Apostle Arsenio Ferriol. Pastor Polly Mendoza, in his offertory message, discussed the importance of giving something of value to the Lord – something that is fulfilled by giving one’s life wholly to the Lord.

Saying that the Youth Camp was off to a great start would be an understatement. Everyone in the sports complex felt the power behind the intense prayer of the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol. Being the Sent One of God in our time, the prayer was an intercession done on behalf of the congregation; there was a call for ending the bondage to the pride, lust and the things of this world. Apostle Arsenio Ferriol’s message revolved around the question, what is the global challenge? The answer lies in Matthew 24:14 – evangelism. As believers, he said that we should then accept this challenge, doubling our faith to overcome our fears and making the sacrifice that is required of us. He also explained that we are destined to do the great work of God even if in our small way as long as we do it faithfully. He then revealed that all things work together in creating a positive atmosphere for preaching the Gospel. Lastly, he cautioned those who will disobey; the disobedient are likened to the enemies of God. God’s promises do not include those who are ashamed of Him. Rather than be found disobedient, we should rather aim to be honored by God and be prepared to make sacrifices along the way.

Day Two

Tuesday began with the morning devotion with Ptr. Philip Cortez as speaker. In his message, he explained that part of the challenge given unto us is being steadfast in prayer. This characterized the lives of the disciples in the early church as well as those part of the reformation. He also mentioned getting rid of doubt and unbelief. It is also imperative that one finally break free from sins which seem to be coddled. These are what he described as killers of the power of prayer.

After breakfast, a series of seminars followed. Apostle The first speaker, Arsenio Ferriol, advised the campers to switch off their lives from material and temporal things and dedicate themselves to God. He presented himself as someone who received the blessings and fruits of his ministry after answering God’s calling. The second speaker, Ptr. Belle Obsanga highlighted several traits of Jesus and Apostle Paul, like being approachable and compassionate, and applied these to the present. Bishop Domingo Ferriol, the third speaker, gave a frank and candid talk involving self examination to both the youth and ministers. He also stressed the importance of prayer for it offers many revelations on how to live a Christian life.

After lunch, the activities resumed with the seminar by Bishop Resting Zonio where he elaborated on how house to house evangelism is carried out. He also shared his various experiences in evangelism in the Visayas region. After the seminar, different contests like preaching, spelling, essay writing and poster making were held. The campers then went to support and watch their respective participants.

With the conclusion of the afternoon contests, the campers then prepared to attend the evening program, Bagong Likha. They witnessed the interpretation of the different compositions entered in the competition. The campers voted for their top three choices. Ptr. Let Ferriol, in her message, emphasized the importance of music, psalms and songs for Christians. Through these, we are able to express our love for God as a recognition of His love for us earlier shown through Jesus Christ. These can also be used as a response to the goodness, mercy and love of God.