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13th International Convention

   The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ held its 13th International Convention last November 17-24, 2002 in Marikina City. “Growing Towards Christlikeness,” lifted from Romans 8:29 was the theme for the gathering.

   The opening ceremony held in the Marikina Sports Center began with a parade composed of ministers and delegates representing different countries. It was followed by two mass demonstrations performed by various young people and students of National Christian Life College. A joyous atmosphere then surrounded the place as the delegates sang songs of praises during Praise and Worship. The greetings from ministers around the world came next where they shared the work of God in their ministries and expressed joy in partaking in the growing work of God.

   The service will not be complete without the Word of God which was delivered by Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, who also formally declared the start of the weeklong gathering, After the message, the message became true in the lives of many people who received Jesus Christ as their Savior. A fireworks display later lit up the skies to cap the evening which the delegates, as well as the people nearby were delighted to witness.


   An orientation was held the following day to set things in order in the subsequent services. Rules and regulation which will serve as guide to the delegates were explained.

   Daily services which helped prepare the brethren towards a Christlike life commenced on the third day. Starting the day right, each day began with prayer in the daily morning devotion. This served as an indicator of the importance of prayer to Christians. As early as 3 am, the brethren started to fill the service hall. The different speakers urged them to make prayer part of their lives.

   The morning seminars conducted by the Apostle brought the delegates to a deeper understanding of the significance of leading a Christ-centered life. The worship service was held afterwards. From the inspiring songs in the Praise and Worship to the uplifting messages by the pastors, the brethren experienced the moving of the Holy Spirit. The service culminated with the dedication of the brethren in prayer.

   In the afternoon, the brethren continued to receive the abundant Word of God. Seminars dwelling on various topics and doctrines were conducted by assigned speakers. They were equipped with knowledge which will prove useful in living a Christian life.

   Services of various types were held in the evening. During the first two nights, gospel concerts were held in the Riverbanks Amphitheater. These featured the Dokimos Band from Manila locale and the Pillars Band respectively. Even rain did not stop the service from pushing through and achieving its purpose. Many people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and received salvation after the service.

   Thursday night proved to be a memorable evening. It was on this evening when the Praise and Worship Night was held. Pastor Jonathan Ferriol and the brethren from Carson locale in the US led the brethren in a night of singing and praising. Through music, God touched the hearts of the brethren as many would testify.

   The following evening was dubbed as MCD Night. A video presentation, Ulat-Unlad, featured the various aspects of the continued growth of the Church here and abroad. A heartwarming number by the children of the senior pastors in MCD followed. It was good to see the pastors with their children who related to the audience how it was having a pastor for their father. The main highlight was the renaming of Media Communication Department (MCD) to Resources for Doctrinal Empowerment and Evangelistic Ministry (ReDEEM). With the transformation of MCD, the sta
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